Trains in Netherland run on wind!

June 21, 2020
Things changed forever for the Dutch four years ago when two companies signed a deal. It was to make trains run on wind! It was an ambitious project, and when the Dutch electricity company, Eneco, won NS's (national railway company) tender, they set a goal to make this crazy thing possible by January, 2018. Well, the companies did something crazier after that. They managed to reach their target one year earlier, and folks, this is why you are getting to read this article, while comfortably scrolling through our site, which uses wind too. Just kidding.
Trains on wind (yes, we are still talking about that) are now carrying 600,000 passengers, and makes about 5,500 trips a day! This we got to know from their joint website, which also has the words "first in the world", in case you missed the significance. This very brilliant move will reduce energy consumption to a great extent, and another goal that is being set is that by 2020, the energy per passenger will be reduced considerably, by 33%. We won't be surprised if they manage to do this by this year itself, though, as they are presently using 2,200 wind turbines scattered across the country to power their trains. By consuming around 1.2 billion kWh of electricity per year, these trains are also going easy on the environment, which is the need of the hour.
Winding up (pun intended, of course!), trains on wind seem pretty incredible, and other countries are following suit. But, we have to commend the Dutch for their role. I mean, give them goals, and watch them go for it, like the wind!

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