Weird cults around the world

September 03, 2019
Have you seen crazy and dangerous? Well, we have a list of three cults for you, and that is all you need to see right now. Warning: There's a risk of losing your sanity after reading this.

The Aetherius Society: With its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and London, England, this New Religious Movement (NRM) has Theosophy as its base. Usual stuff. But George King had his own reasons for founding this society in 1955. He had come into contact with the extraterrestrials, or the "Cosmic Masters" as he referred them! And this is not all. According to the believers, they must cooperate with these "Cosmic Masters" to pave way for humanity! Seems like somebody took sci-fi too seriously. Who needs good governance when we can team up with aliens, and solve all our problems, right?
Order of the Solar Temple: Joseph di Mambro and Luc Jouret started this secret society and sect in Geneva (1984). Did you find Aetherius Society over the top? Well, this society which initially called themselvesl'Ordre International Chevaleresque de Tradition Solaire, and later Ordre du Temple Solaire, was cute in its own way. A series of murders and mass suicides feature in the activities of this cult, including murdering a baby for being "anti-christ"! Well, what's a cult without murder and mayhem, right?
Creativity Movement: You will love to hate this religion. Don't believe? With its pantheistic, white-supremacist, white-nationalistic,anti-Semitic, anti-Christian ideology, it is no surprise that Creativity is labelled as a Neo-Nazi Hate Group! Basically, they want a world of the whites, for the whites, and by the whites. Founded by Ben Klassen in Lighthouse Point, Florida, the members actually back a "racial holy war", and no prizes for guessing that it would be the Whites vs. Non-Whites showdown, the fantasy of every white supremacist. It has a flag, a red flag (Oh, irony!), with a white triangle which represents "a whiter and brighter world"! Seriously? The number of red flags in this single cult is actually more than enough to suffocate a democracy to death!
An alliance with aliens, killing babies for being anti-christ, wanting to obliterate other races for not being white enough looks like a plot from a juicy novel, except that they are true, and some people actually believe in them. If you want to chew glass after reading this, you are not alone.

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