The largest living organism in the world is a mushroom?!!

You will be as surprised by the fact that the largest living organism in the world is a mushroom, as the title of this article, which was written hastily in a fit of shock. Engulfing 2,385 acres, this particular fungus seems to put our good old huge animals to shame. Stretching over Oregon's Malheur National Forest, the Armillariaostoyae, or Humongous Fungus (cute nickname, by the way) is also called honey mushroom.
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If you are baffled by the size, then you will surely be impressed by its age, as the Armillariaostoyae is around 2,400-8,650 years old! But then, these mushrooms are also known to kill trees, as they attach itself to the roots, extending rhizomorphs. Infact, it was this trait which made Catherine Parks of Pacific Northwest Research Station, reveal it by DNA testing in 1998. As for our Humongous Mushroom, this was discovered by scientists recently, while using the genetic material from the fungus.
But even though this mushroom has been christened as the largest living organism, there are still hot debates among biologists, as to how to define individual organisms, and for all we know, this debate may stretch on for ages, probably more than 3.8 kilometers (that's the area covered by the Humongous Fungus in kilometers), but for now, let us just appreciate it for managing to grow so big!

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