Seven mystifying flowers that resembles human's shape

April 19, 2019
“ If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change”. The above statement was given by Buddha. Our Nature has created everything so perfectly that if we visualise each and every things created by nature, we will find the beauty and uniqueness of everything.

Flowers are the indispensable part of our life. Be it the moment of happiness or sorrow, we all use flowers to express our emotions. Nature has created various types of flowers possessing unique shapes.

Our amusing nature give us some mystifying flowers. Lets have a look at some of these amazing plants whose features resembles to human beings.

1. Hooker's lip

The scientific name of Hooker's lip is Psychoharia elata. It is a Shrub, generally found in Central and South American Countries like Costa Rica, Equador, Panama and Colombia . Its main attracting point is the  red bracts, which is a modified leaves having  the shape of humans’ lip.
This plants  is used as a natural medicines for various diseases like cough, skin irritation, ear aches.

2. Bleeding heart
The scientific name of Bleeding Heart is Lamprocapnos spectabilis. It is a  herbaceous perennial plant, native to Siberia, Japan, Northern China and Korea. It produces pink and white coloured small heart shaped flowers, which makes it different or unique from other flowers. This plant produces toxic chemicals, so it is dangerous for the organism  who take it in a large quantities.

3. Ballerina Orchid
The scientific name of ballerina orchid is Caladenia melanema. It is a perennial herb. This orchid looks like a Ballerina dancer of Australia. In some places it is also known as spider orchid. It is native to the south west of  Western Australia.

 4. Naked man orchid
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Naked man Orchid, well from the name itself it signifies that this particular orchid resembles the shape of a naked man. It's scientific name is Orchis italica . It is also known as Italian orchid, native to western Asia, Northern Africa and some parts of Europe. This plant has a very good advantage of requiring less nutrient to grow.
5. Angloua uniflora
This is a very beautiful orchid which is also known as swaddled babies, as the inner region of the flower looks like a tiny baby covered in a blanket. It is native to Columbian Andes. The flowers of this orchid are large and creamy white in colour.
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6. Impatiens bequaertii
This is a type of plant whose flower resembles like a dancing girl in white and light pink dresses. Basically its petals are look like a little girl wearing skirts. This plant is native to East Africa. It is a perennial species.
7. Narilatha
This orchid is one of the most unique and wonderful creature of nature. It gains popularity due to its unique flower. The flower is in the shape of a naked women. This plant is mainly grown in the Himalayan regions of India. It blooms at a interval of 20 years.
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