KFC follows 11 Herbs and spices on Twitter, and it's "so good"!

April 08, 2019
Imagine a perfect twitter handle. Now imagine KFC's twitter account. Well, turns out Colonel Sanders' famous recipe of 11 herbs and spices can also make a dull, corporate social account spicy! It so happened that on October 19, 2017, Twitter user Mike Edgette spotted this bizarre (and clever) marketing riddle while casually (er, corporate stalking, perhaps?) going through KFC's twitter handle; it followed only 11 people. 

Now, who were they and what did they have to do with ColonelSanders’ iconic recipe? Well, the account actually followed the 5 Spice Girls (yes!), and 6 guys named Herb (11 herbs and spices, if you are too lazy to spot the connection. You're welcome.)! Edgette's (@edgette22) tweet went viral, as the whole universe exploded in appreciation of KFC's strategy (and chickens, of course!).
Well, all's well that ends well, considering that Colonel Sanders started selling those delicious, fried chickens during the Great Depression, and it proved that nobody does marketing like KFC!

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