Brace yourselves, it's the Upside Down Waterfall!

The world is such an amazingly weird place. Don't agree? Well, let's hear your opinions after I have told you about the waterfall in Hawaii which goes up.
Waipuhia Falls in Oahu, Hawaii can be spotted from the Pali Highway, as it stretches along it. But, this is not your ordinary waterfall, as it goes upwards! Yes, you have heard it right. So, what makes it goes upwards, towards the sky? Why can't it simply behave like normal waterfalls and just fall downwards? The answer actually is quite simple, as the strong winds are responsible for it. And no, there's no magic involved, as the northeasterly trade winds force the water to go upwards and punch gravity in the face. Now that's some optical illusion for your bored eyes!
But, this is not the only gravity defying waterfall. Kinder Falls in UK or The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland and many more exist. If your wild spirit craves for some wild upside-down waterfall, you know where to go, right? But beware of mosquitoes, as the road to Waipuha Falls is not one easy quest, and be sure to take your raincoats, as it appears during the rainy season!

Post Written by - Lopamudra

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