Oxford Diaries: Just how old is this university?

February 05, 2019
With a remarkable academic legacy, Oxford University stands proudly with its enviable records. With 38 constituent colleges, 69 Nobel Prize winners among its alumni, 160 Olympic medallists, and a first rank as declared by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Oxford continues to shine. But how old is this university? If you want to know about its historic past, and how it came to being, then you have come to the right place.

If you want evidence, then that of teaching in Oxford University can be traced back to the year 1096! Yes, Oxford has earned each and every bit of its fame. It is the oldest university in the English speaking world, and its record further includes being the alma mater of 27 Prime Ministers of UK, as well as notable dignitaries from all around the world. Oxford has an interesting history attached to it, and it all started in the year 1167, when Henry ll banned English students from the University of Paris; it turned out to be an important decision, and changed the entire course of world history, as Oxford began to grow. "Dominus illuminatio mea" is the motto of Oxford University, which means "the lord is my light", in English.

Despite its share of controversies, Oxford University is unparalleled in terms of its excellent education system. It is also the home of the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. It overcame many challenges, including patriarchy, as women were accepted as full-time members only from 1920 onwards. So, now you not only know how old Oxford University is, but also a bit about its ancient history.

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