Toilet Diaries: How To Get Away With Breaking 46 Toilet Seats

November 02, 2018
Kevin Shelley is not your usual martial arts aficionado. He once broke 46 toilet seats in one minute, and went scot free. How? Well, Shelley's feat was on the set of the Guinness World Records, Cologne (Germany), in the year 2007!

If you think Shelley's record had little to do with our conventional love for everything normal and banal, you are absolutely right. While breaking the most number of toilet seats in one minute is definitely flamboyant in a strange way, there were people who actually broke the record for stuffing most straws in mouth, or breaking watermelons with thighs, and even implanting antennas, so Shelley's tryst with toilet seats seem to be the new normal. But there is more to Kevin than toilet seats, as there are other records to his name as well, which includes breaking (you must have figured out by now that he loves to break stuff) pine boards with head strikes, as well as alternating elbow strikes, and single elbow strikes! But since his remarkable record cannot be counted without the toilet seats, for which he had to go to Germany to showcase the feat to the world, let us stick to it. And you will be impressed to know that he broke those 46 wooden toilet seats with head strikes! Please be sure to avoid head butts, if you meet Kevin Shelley.

If you are feeling a bit inspired after reading this, we understand. So, go for the Guinness World Records, and unleash your weirdest inner demon, and who knows, the next article may even feature you!

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