The Tsunami Stones of Japan: A Guide to Surviving the Cursed Waters.

"Do not build any homes below this point. High dwellings are the peace and harmony of our descendants. Remember the calamities of the great tsunamis." Thus went the inscription on one of the tsunami stones of Japan, where the northeastern coastline is well acquainted with these stones, scattered like some forgotten boundary for the horizon. These stones are referred to as 'tsunami stones' because of their function, as they contain messages meant for residents, warning them not to build homes below it!

Bestrewed on the Japanese coastline, there are hundreds of tsunami stones in Japan, and some of these stone tablets are more than 6 centuries old! The size can range upto 10 feet, and the stones at Aneyoshi, a small village, are particularly interesting, as they come with specific instructions. Infact, when the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami caused havoc in Japan back in 2011, these tablets made sure that Aneyoshi and its residents survive the extremely gruelling devastation of nature.

According to a report in The New York Times, most of these stones' characters disappeared over the centuries, and that many of them were erected after the deadly tsunamis of the past, notably the 1896 tsunami. While the ancestors directed every effort to warn the people about the impending sense of doom which tagged along with the tsunami, indirectly communicating through these famous tsunami stones, it must be noted that people generally ignored the warnings over time. Also, it is rather challenging to move to higher grounds especially in a country like Japan. While we cannot ignore the lingering uncertainty which comes with being vulnerable to natural disasters, Japan is well prepared to tackle the damage, with its incredible technological advancements, and of course, the tsunami stones.

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