The Weirdest Associations in the World: Welcome to the Club!

October 29, 2018
You are probably quite an active member of a Whatsapp group with a ridiculous name. But have you tried taking this ridiculousness to the next level? If not, by the end of this article you will have already formed a club dedicated to abolish homeworks, or an association against family members who send those annoying messages on whatsapp. We don't know about you, but here's a list of some of the strangest associations. Let the weirdness begin!

World Association for Ugly People: Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. It first popped up in 1879, in Piobbico (Italy), then relaunched in 1963 as an agency for unmarried women, and eventually started a campaign against the discrimination of people based on their looks at the workplace. Their motto is, 'A person is what he is and not what he looks like', and even built a monument in 2007, dedicating it to the ugly people. While this association may sound a bit frivolous, we can't just totally disagree with what they are after, don't you think so?

Obedient Wives Club: Patriarchy's favourite child, this club has its share of controversies (isn't that obvious?). As for its motives, it's simple. Teaching the wives to be submissive. Originating in Malaysia, this club now has around 3000 members, and in 2011 published a book, which was really controversial (and offensive).

Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party: This is a satirical political party, but as real as any other party. Although founded in Szeged in 2006, it was only registered in 2014. And if you are wondering whether or not you will like it, just listen to their objectives which include world peace (who doesn't want that?), eternal life (wait, what?!), one work day per week (we all want that!), two sunsets a day, and don't worry, they will come in different colours, and free beer among others! I don't know about you, but my vote's with them.

Deadly Serious Party: This is very much akin to our favourite Hungarian political party, except that this Australian party stood candidates in their 1980 elections! Objectives include freezing of age, a haven for silly people as they wanted to appoint one to each portfolio, and if that wasn't enough, a flock of killer penguins (not the ones from Madagascar!) to defend the Australian coastline, and that too from an Argentinian ambush! That sure sounds like deadly serious business. The party had to be 'deregistered' on one sad November day, in 1988, for not having enough members. Well, the joke's on the people who didn't join this awesome party.

If you are feeling a bit wobbly after going through this unusual list, don't blame yourself. But if you are not feeling motivated enough to form some wacky club, then don't worry, you will definitely be included in our 'club for lazy readers who didn't hit Like on our Facebook page'!

Post Written by - Lopamudra

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