The Orchid with the Face of a Monkey!

Nature sure has a twisted sense of humour, and if you do not agree, take one look at the Dracula simia, or monkey orchid, and then think again. While some orchids tend to look like moths, or egrets, these particular species resemble monkeys. Or the face of the monkey. Now that sounds a bit silly, considering the funny circumstances of the orchid's features. But there is more to them than their monkey-faces, as you will find out gradually.

The biologist Carlyle Luer named them. Its scientific name Dracula simia is a dead giveaway of its unique appearance, with 'dracula' referring to 'little dragon'. Well, 'little dragon' for some, and the bloodsucking Count Dracula himself, as the sepal fangs of the orchid looks like that of his! Another interesting fact about this orchid is that it blooms all the year round, and if you're wondering what it would be like to have these perpetually blooming flowers at home, then just picture the smell of oranges with a monkey-ish vibe. Why? Because the smell of these orchids are just like that of ripe oranges! Well, the monkey face is not the lone feature to stand out, it seems. But the hard part is having to wait for a long time, as they bloom after 7 years of its germination. That's called playing hard to get.

These orchids are mainly found in the mountaineous regions of Ecuador, and Peru, and in high altitudes. They tend to be colourful, which tends to vary, from pink, purple, white or blue. These orchids with the face of a monkey, name of the dracula, and smell like that of an orange are just the thing you need to take a look at, if you ever feel bored.

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