The Largest Privately Owned Luxury Yacht: The World

October 28, 2018
Imagine waking up to the smell of fresh seawater, and a new place, every day. Now imagine you are a multimillionaire, with an enviable net worth, out on a mission to spend those big bucks by renting a luxury apartment in the middle of the sea. Or simply buying it. Well, a few people are living the dream aboard The World, a privately owned yacht, the largest, and quite expensive, as they cruise the sea, enjoying their never-ending vacation!

The residents who have chosen to make the sea their home, for the most part are unidentified, as they are not particularly interested in attracting any attention which may threaten their tranquil vacation. They are mostly multimillionaires, and yes, they had to prove their net worth as part of the formalities, before buying their luxury apartments. They come from 45 countries, mostly Americans, and while some of them are permanent residents, others pay regular visits, and all of them are owners of their respective apartments and studios. With a massive 644 feet in length, The World has 12 decks, 165 residences which includes 106 apartments, 19 studio apartments and 40 studios. It also boasts of cocktail lounges, restaurants, swimming pools, gym, library, boutiques and even a grocery! You name it. And yes, there is internet access. The number of crew members are 280, approximately. It's headquarters are in Florida (United States). The residents play a very active role in the management, and everything from exotic vacations to daily activities are planned accordingly.
Mere vacations are now a passé, it seems. If you feel like retiring from your worldly affairs, don't forget The World with its cosy apartments, and the ocean, as well as those million dollars!

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