Mushroom that tastes like Chicken!

Sometimes, you 'mush' make 'room' for chicken. That's all you gotta do. While that attempt at a pun failed terribly, the taste of the Laetiporus (a mushroom) will not. Yes, this species of mushroom tends to taste like chicken, and no, this isn't a random statement made up just to increase the article views. The Laetiporus sulphureus is also known as 'chicken of the woods', or simply 'the chicken mushroom', so you can be sure that this edible mushroom tastes like chicken!
The shelves of these chicken mushrooms, which are yellow or orange in colour, can range from 5cm-60cm. As for its weight, it can exceed 45 kg sometimes. Now these chicken mushrooms can be prepared like any other chicken recipe, and if you feel guilty about gobbling down those chicken wings and extra calories, you can simply substitute them with the mushrooms. Isn't it convenient, without compromising on the taste? In Germany and North America, where they are mainly found, on trees like oaks, eucalyptus or chestnuts (besides others), the Laetiporus sulphureus is considered a delicacy. As for its availability, if the weather suits them, they will be back after each year.
 Now these mushrooms may seem heavenly to you, but for trees, they are a nightmare. This parasitic mushroom is responsible for rots, and while you enjoy the sweet chicken flavour, they feed on their hosts, and enjoy their own meals. That sounds scary. And so does swollen lips, or vomiting, or disorientation, that is if you are prone to allergy from this mushroom. Make sure to taste the chicken mushroom, but don't forget to gobble up the chickens back home as well!

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