Let us be familiar with some famous Ghosts!

If you have a habit of checking under your bed for evil spirits, then you should definitely acquaint yourself with some famous ghosts, because if you happen to find one staring right at you, at two in the dead of the night, how will you explain not knowing its name? Here is a list of some spirits/ghosts, who seemed to have created quite a ruckus back in their glory days.

Shinigami: They are known as the 'god of death' in Japan, and even fallen angels, as they come for the souls of humans. In Japanese folklore, Izanami is seen as a shinigami as it gives death. Even the Mora, which possesses people, and make them want to die, can be called a shinigami. In popular culture, if you are familiar with the manga and anime, Bleach, you will surely dismiss the dark side of the shinigami lore!

Moroi: This Romanian vampire will suck out your life-force, if given a chance. According to their folklore, they are 'phantoms' of dead persons, who are in search of energy from the living. Scary, right? Well, if a woman bears the child of a nosferat (incubus vampire), chances are likely that the child will turn out to be ugly, hairy, and a future moroi. So, ten points for team Moroi!

Headless Horseman: European folklore is incomplete without its famous horseman without a head, and so are our slumber parties. This horseman either carries his head or seems to come looking for it. Either way, it means death for the rest. Washington Irving's 1820 story, "The Sleepy Hollow" made the headless horseman a very popular figure, and if you haven't read it, you can always watch the series "Sleepy Hollow"! Even in India, Rajasthani and Madhya Pradesh folklore speaks of a headless horseman, or 'jhinjh─ür', but unlike its evil European counterpart, this Indian version is rather heroic.
Churel: If you haven't called someone by this name, or never even ended up being called one, are you even Indian? This 'churel' is a tree spirit, and legend has it that, if a woman dies during childbirth, or pregnancy, they will come back for revenge. 

If you have a habit of checking under your bed for evil spirits, we hope you find your favourite one!

Post Written by - Lopamudra

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