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If you are ready to sacrifice your fingers to the dark force which manifests itself as your internet connection, or ready to embrace severe back pain in order to gain access to the paradise with eternal WiFi, or prepared to find the meaning of life in the virtual realm, you are qualified enough to possess free WiFi, and have access to the forbidden world of memes. But if you feel your wallet slowly dying due to severe monetary malnutrition, you need not worry. Just grab your passport, for here's a list of some countries where WiFi is absolutely free!
In 2011, Taiwan became one of the first countries to launch a government backed programme to provide absolutely free WiFi to its citizens, as well as to the tourists! Sorry Milton, but this is not Paradise 404. This free wireless network, 'iTaiwan', is as easy as it sounds. If you happen to be foreigner roaming around the streets of Taiwan, for any sign of free Wifi to quench your thirst, you are just required to open an iTaiwan account, with only your passport as ID, and simply log in to get a taste of that free, heavenly internet! Now, this initiative is not just a mass scale service with zero planning, for there are major hotspots (more than 4000) in all the significant tourist spots, so one way, or another, you are bound to run into a spot. The cultural hubs, major establishments, and all government offices has access to free WiFi, so you will never be lonely.

Turns out Taiwan is not the only one with free WiFi. Lithuania has many free WiFi zones, and if you're concerned about the speed, it is one of the fastest. Just like Taiwan, you have to log in to access your free internet. There are many countries with free legal hotspots scattered about, but United Kingdom's efforts much be mentioned, with  hotspots across its cities and towns, as well as measures to install lamp posts to provide the same. If you have this feeling of sudden wanderlust, and long to see those famed lamp posts or government offices and go on an amazing adventure for the sake of free internet, we understand. Just make sure to check your bank account first.

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