Are Mermaids or Aquatic humanoids Real?

The long-haired ladies, with fishtails for legs are found almost everywhere; you just have to open your books, or switch on the television, or simply turn to historical accounts, and you will find plenty of mermaid-sagas flooding the fictional realm. But are they real? Is there any chance of actually bumping into the Little Mermaid one fine day? You will have to wait a bit longer to get to the bottom of this sea of facts.
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Alexander the Great had a mermaid connection. How? Legend has it that his sister, Thessalonike, lived in the Aegean sea. She would often appear before the passing ships, and pose the question, "Is King Alexander alive?", and if you think a lesson in History would please her, you are wrong. And dead. "He lives and reigns and conquers the world" is the right answer, after hearing which she made way for the ships. There were even accounts of Columbus spotting mermaids in 1493, and also how the logbook of the pirate, Blackbeard, recorded instances of mermaid sightings. Coming to modern times, in 1881, a Pennsylvanian fishermen reported about spotting a mermaid. But when in 2009, similar claims were made by several people, the coastal town of Israel, Kiryat Yam took a unique stance by promising to reward anyone with $1 million if they provide proof of the same! Hoax or not, these incidents managed to create ripples and toy with our happy delusions as well.

When Animal Planet aired two 'docufiction' in two years, 'Mermaids: The Body Found' (2012), and 'Mermaids: New Evidence' (2013), the National Ocean Service (NOS) were forced to issue a statement which went like this: "No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found." Apparently people thought that the show was real, and so were mermaids, and so the NOS made sure to destroy their fantasy. And even ours, I guess. So, don't be disappointed about mermaids, even Star Wars isn't real.

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