Oldest Person Ever To Have Lived - The Human Engine that went on Forever!

September 29, 2018
Some people die young, while some live long enough to flaunt their time-soaked wrinkles. But some people live for a few more years, taming their nineties and hundreds, surpassing them, and taking the world by surprise. While Chiyo Miyako, the oldest woman alive at 117 years, died this year on 22nd July, after living a fabulous life, you'll be surprised to know that pushing 117 is no big deal. Well, atleast for Jeanne Louise Calment. So, who was she? Let's find out.

Jeanne Calment died on the 4th of August, 1997. And she was born on 21st February, 1875. Now put two and two together, and you'll understand why our protagonist is special. Yes, she lived a very, very long life, which lasted 122 years, and 164 days! That's the longest anyone has ever lived, as there are no confirmed records of others exceeding this limit, although the possibilities cannot be refused. Coming back to Calment, this Frenchwoman had a particular weakness for chocolates, and had a habit of puffing on Dunhill cigars. She had made it a point to always have desserts after her meals. Seems like someone had a sweet tooth. She led a very active lifestyle which involved fencing and cycling, and apparently the latter activity wasn't much of a bother, even as she turned 100! This supercentenarian reportedly never fell ill even once in her life. Miracle gene, right? That explains her long and healthy life, but then with good gene comes great responsibility, which she had understood well enough to focus on a very disciplined lifestyle, with a strict routine. If you want to live long enough to break her record, you know what to do, right?

After Miyako's death, 115 year old Kane Tanaka is now the oldest living person in the world. If you are lucky enough, and ready to push past the hundreds, try loving sushi (like Miyako), or chocolates (like Calment), or you can just wait for an evil scientist to create a formula for eternal life!

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