4 of the Biggest, Majestic and Stand Out Waterfalls across the Globe.

September 29, 2018
Rainbows, unicorns or waterfalls, which would you choose to stare at, while boredom fills you to the brim? Let's go with waterfalls today, as unicorns are imaginary, and rainbows are moody. While we have a lot of waterfalls from around the world to fall for, and that too of different types, some of them really stand out, and here's a list of them.

The Denmark Strait:  This is actually an underwater waterfall, situated on the Western side of the Denmark strait, in the Atlantic Ocean. How bizarre is that? It so happens that when the Greenland sea plunges into the Irminger sea, the cold water from the east, slides right through the bottom of the ocean, as it comes into contact with the lighter water of the west. It is also the highest waterfall at 11,500 feet! There's more. The monstrous flow rate is 175 million cubic feet per second. I guess it is only natural that this waterfall is touted as the biggest of them all.

Angel Falls: No, it's not underwater, but then, Angel Falls is considered to be the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world. Its height is 3,211 feet, enough to give you a mediocre vertigo while reading this. With its cascades, and a plunge of 2,368 feet, and a name which honoured the aviator Jimmie Angel, as he was the first to fly over it, the Angel Falls graces the Gran Sabara region, dropping from the Auyan-tepui mountain.

Inga Falls: With a median discharge of 42,476 m³/s, this  waterfall in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is the largest. But there's a twist; it's not a real waterfall, rather a part larger group of rapids (Livingstone Falls)! This waterfall is also home to two hydroelectric dams, and two more are on the verge of being constructed, which is garnering a lot of criticism from environmentalists.

Khone Falls: The French colonialists failed miserably in their repeated attempts to navigate this waterfall. The Chinese faced similar obstacles, when they tried to navigate the Mekong river. The Khone Falls on the Mekong river, the largest in Southeast Asia, is the reason for the same. Well, with an average discharge of 11,000 m³/s, a volume which can reach as high as 49,000 m³/s, and 35,376 feet width, isn't it obvious?

These are just a handful of the baddest and biggest waterfalls. There's Salto Para, 18,400 feet wide (Venezuela), or the Chutes Kongou with a width of 10,500 feet, the Niagara falls, and the Victoria falls, and many others which are just as massive and beautiful. Make sure to add them to your list, if you ever get any ideas about exploring the world!

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