The Countries Where People Live The Longest: Immortals Of This World

August 13, 2018
Ever wondered what it would be like to live forever and watch time pass you by, as you watch the centuries come and go, kingdoms collapse, nations form, and artificial intelligence slowly take over your life as you press a button and shoot up to the space for a short ride accompanied by soft music? People fade, eventually, we cannot live forever. But then, there are countries where the life expectancy is higher than other countries. Not exactly immortal, if you think about it, but then they do get to stare at the horizon for a few more years than the rest of us. Here's a list of a few countries where people live longer, gracefully aging, challenging death and the average life expectancy. The list borrows from recent reports published by WHO (2015), UN (2010-15), CIA (2016) and OECD (2013), as well as by the World Economic Forum. Let's take a look at these remarkable countries.

Japan: The average life expectancy here is 83.6 years. Not bad for the people from the land of 'sakura' (cherry blossoms), if they get to bask in its pinkish glow for a little longer, I bet. Its strong economy is one of the reasons why people live longer, as it helps them to get access to a healthy diet. Besides its flourishing economy, the Japanese practice the concept of 'ikigai' as they go about their daily activities. As author Victor Garcia mentions it, it means that 'which makes one's life worth living'. What are the chances of dying when you have a stable economy and a beautiful philosophy to nudge you gently as you enter your eighties, right? No wonder, Okinawa was once known as the 'island of immortals'!

Hong Kong: Thanks to Tai Chi, the people of Hong Kong can boast of an average life expectancy of 84 years. Now, they may not have the 'ikigai', but what can beat steamed food and tea drinking, right? That's a purpose in itself, as you pass by the bustling corners of the city, and the high rise buildings, knowing that your economy is prosperous, and you will live longer than your counterparts scattered about the rest of the world, and that there is time for a few more cups of tea as you embrace your eighty something, ridiculously healthy self.

Italy: 'Dolce far niente' is not just a phrase or some words strung together for your average Italian; it is an unexplained emotion for them.  Many of us are familiar with the term when Julia Roberts lapped up the Italian landscape, and the pasta and fine wine, in her film 'Eat Pray Love', as she tried to find her happy place through this mantra, which translates to 'sweet doing nothing'. But is this the lone factor behind their enviable average life expectancy of 82.7 years? It turns out that Italy has a very low poverty gap, meaning that people are able to afford good quality food to sustain their lifestyle, and that there is a uniformity in the quality of products. The sweet pleasure of doing nothing, as well as the importance of appreciating the fine things in life, spending time with family, and lolling around with a bottle of wine in hand sure makes life worth living.

South Korea: Well, South Korea is more than its raging K-Pop bands, as a news report suggests that their average life expectancy may soon cross 90 years! Currently its 82.2 years, fuelled by a stabilising economy which is enabling the middle class to lead a comfortable lifestyle. With a healthy diet, which involves the culture of having fermented vegetables, South Koreans are slowly inching towards the immortal eighties, and ready to take over the world with their K-Pop horror. Or wonder. You decide.

Israel: Men in Israel need to serve the army, yet they have made it to this list with an amazing average life expectancy of 82.2 years! If a recent research report is to be believed, the mandatory service in the army is actually the reason behind their long life, as physical activities help them maintain a balance in life and discipline. Well, you get to serve the country, and live a long life, what more can you ask for? As for the low alcohol consumption rate in Israel, it sure comes in handy when you are determined to live that long, I guess.

If you think these are the only countries where people tend to slay the average life expectancy and live like they are never going to die, the Swiss, the Spanish, the Singaporeans, or the Australians, must not be forgotten. If its high water quality for one, for another it maybe the Mediterranean lifestyle, or simply a better healthcare plan, which extends the lifespan. If you are too shy to admit your jealousy, you are not alone. Let's sit by the road and stare at the passersby, rather than think about our short lives or poor healthcare plans, and get high on life.

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