Highest Paid Actor: Show Me The Money!

August 19, 2018
Scorpion King, Hercules or the recently released Jumanji sequel, he has been a part of all these films and many more. And this year seems to be very special for him, as he became the highest paid actor for 2018, according to the Forbes' list. But there is more to this news. Apparently, for the first time in twenty years in the history of Forbes, Johnson not only became the highest paid actor for the year, but also of all time! Well, he sure knows how to handle the wrestling ring, as well as his moolah.

The Forbes' list, which took into account the earnings from June 2017-June 2018. Johnson earned $124 million within this time period, which is almost the double when compared to his profits last year. It sure is a long journey for him from the wrestling ring to this Hollywood circle. When he starred in The Scorpion King back in 2002, he was paid US $5.5 million for his role. Sure it sounds like an average paycheck for a professional wrestler with a huge fan following and an amazing physique who decided to try his luck in films, but it was far from an ordinary debut, as the amount was the highest ever given to a debutant! The wonderful thing about Johnson's acting is that he is simply delightful, and genuine, and he seems to land up films which manages to rake in the big bucks. Talk about the Fast and The Furious franchise, or G.I. Joe, or even films like Hercules; all of them were hugely successful in the box office. Films like Pain & Gain, Gridiron Gang, or Central Intelligence, showed his versatility, as he effortlessly switched between different characters. As for being the highest earning actor this year, it was only obvious after his films like Baywatch, Jumanji : Welcome to the Jungle and Rampage set the box office on fire as they earned $177.9 million, $961.9 million, and $425.8 million respectively! That's a lot of money, but I guess people just love to see Dwayne Johnson out there, scorching the Hollywood screens with his acting.

With $124 million and an amazing record, Dwayne Johnson's tweet revealed how he started out with just 7 bucks. He was 'awestruck, grateful and hungry', as he tweeted, and thanked his fans. Currently he has his hands full with sequels to Jumanji and San Andreas, Red Notice, and as the big, bad villain Black Adam from Shazam! (but sadly not in the first film).We can't help but wait for his next film, and our next excuse for an empty wallet.

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