Fashion and Funerals: Deadliest Trends of the Past

August 19, 2018
Too much fashion can kill you. Well, not always, but in certain cases, when weird trends take over our common sense, we willingly offer to play the sacrificial (yet ridiculously stylish) lamb, and walk the ramp,  towards our haute coffins. Here are some of the worst trends from the past, which will make you grateful for science, and baggy jeans.

Crinoline Dresses or Hoop Skirts: These were the killer petticoats. Well, literally. These structured petticoats were used for the purpose of holding out a woman's skirt, much like Cinderella's gown. Or her petticoat. The popularity of crinoline dress soared during the 1850s, and so did the death rate, as the skirts frequently caught fire, or got stuck in machinery or carriage wheels. That's like a crossover between Final Destination and fairytales.

Hobble Skirts: Apparently hoop skirts weren't enough to dampen the spirits of fashion hungry people, or drive them to death, as they came up with hobble skirts. Paul Poirot claimed to have invented the design. The narrow hem actually restricted the movements of the legs (because who needs them anyway, right?), and made many women take the fastest route to death. Wonder if Poirot boasted about the deaths too. The trend which was at its peak from 1908-1914, actually made the administration come up with 'hobble skirt cars', which were easy to get into. That was a real smart step, because instead of just letting go off the skirt, they changed their vehicles. You may clap now.

Stiff Collars: Why should women have all the fun? Not to be left out of this death race, the men too began sporting stiff collars, whichwere just detachable collars. Sounds convenient, but these collars were from hell, as they choked the 19th century men and made sure that their lives flashed before their very eyes. This Edwardian fashion nightmare was dubbed the 'father killer', for the only use they had was cutting the blood supply to the arteries!

Corsets: Basically stiff collars for the waist, as they mistake your waist for a neck and try to strangle it. Corsets were used to hold the torso, and train it, to attain a desirable shape. That's right. Petite waist to accentuate the feminine sensuality at the cost of squishing your waist into a pulp (fashionable pulp). They were popular during 1820-35, even during 40s, as the women squeezed their lungs out, thanks to the pressure on them, and coughed happily ever after. But guess what? Corsets are back, and this time with a mission (although popular amongst a small section).

This is a small list, but enough to give anyone a nightmare. Fashion is beautiful. But some trends, like the death-parade above, should be forgotten. We would rather have a zombie apocalypse, than the return of the evil hoop skirt or malicious stiff collar.

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