What was the New World?

August 05, 2018
The New World is the term used for the majority of the Western Hemisphere, specially the Americas that includes the nearby islands like the Caribbean and the Bermuda.

The great discoverer Christopher Columbus wanted to ‘find’ Asia, especially India. So he had sailed from Spain to the Bahamas in 1492 and ultimately handed himself a complete surprise. These lands bore a complete different topography in comparison to the lands in actual Asia, Europe and Africa.  After a few years of his so called ‘discovery’, it was found out that the islands on the West were not Asia. This whole area constitutes the ‘New World’ which is so much different than the ‘Old World’ (Europe, Africa and Asia).

A Florentine explorer and mapmaker, Amerigo Vespucci is credited to identify the geographical differences of the islands west to Asia. In fact, it was he who first coined the term the‘New World’. Martin Walseemuller was another cartographer who is accredited to label the newly discovered continent as ‘America’ in the honor of Americgo Vespucci.

This ‘New World’ takes the responsibility of the evolving of free-thinking, innovative spirit in the people of the Americas. New nations were developed over the past five hundred years. These have gradually emerged due to the employment of new technology and new systems of a classless social organization. The New World residents now view the ‘Old World’ as a place of time-honored tradition and high quality craftsmanship. These views come from the residents who were of European ancestry. 

Post Written by -  Adap Immanuel Teron

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