The Case of the Returning Boomerangs

July 13, 2018
"If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they are yours." If not, then probably you did not throw the boomerang right. Most of us dream about owning a boomerang, and have it come back  to us like a puppy wagging its tail, without knowing the fact that there are actually two types of these wooden miracles. The non-returning type and the returning type (Who wouldn't want to own these?!). Let's take a look as to how boomerangs can return upon throwing.
If you are looking for the exact term to explain the  boomerang's strange feature, it is 'gyroscopic precession'. It must be understood that the two wings of a boomerang are similar to the airfoil. This proves to be a major turning point, literally, when the boomerang is thrown correctly, because the top wing moves faster than the bottom wing, and also both actually moves in opposite directions! The top wing moves towards the target, while the bottom wing does the opposite, and this in turn tilts the boomerang, and they return to the owner! Well, if this was a Star Wars movie, the catchphrase would have been 'may the torque be with you'!
Despite boomerangs being closely associated with Australia, evidences were found which connected them to Europe as well. The ancient Egyptians did not want to be left out of the fun either, it seems, as King Tutenkhamun is believed to have had an enviable collection of boomerangs! May be walking like Egyptians is a passé, and we should throw like them. As for its modern uses, there are international competitions held every year as boomerang enthusiasts gather, and compete. Well, here's to the amazing science of boomerangs, and may your boomerang always find its way back to your face!

Post Written by - Lopamudra

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