The Largest Animal in The World - Mighty Blue Whale.

June 18, 2018
So, what's the largest animal in the world? Who's the big daddy? No, elephants are the largest land animals. Yes, blue whales, they are the largest animals right now! Here are some facts to show why they actually deserve this title.
Adult Blue Whale - Balaenoptera Musculus

My weight, or the highway: A mature blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) can reach upto 181,437 kgs! Now can you imagine how much weight is that? Well, me neither. My head gets heavy every time I try to do that.

Its length: It can grow anywhere between 75 ft to 100 ft long. Females tend to be a little bigger than the males.

Big heart: Apart from its wide head, blue whales have really big hearts. I don't know if they are kind, but their hearts are actually the size of small cars!
Big Heart of Blue Whale

Tongue-tales: The tongue of a blue whale can be heavy. Don't believe? It can be around 2,449 kg! Talk about using heavy words.

Baby's day out: A calf of a blue whale can roughly weigh 3,629 kgs. Now, these little babies actually weigh more than an elephant! And that is not all, their eating habits will put anyone to shame. A 7 month old calf's already consumed around 379 litres of milk!

Krill-joy: These enormous residents of the sea has a particular fondness for krill, a kind of shrimp. They eat these fish in pretty large quantities, or simply put, 36 kg of krill every day! With that appetite they could swallow the earth itself. Although our water giants love to have krill, while migrating, they can go about 6 months without eating.

Mermaids can't beat them: Blue whales are amazing swimmers. They are very graceful, and can attain a speed  of 30km/hour. And not only this, they can dive to great depths; that would be upto 328 ft!

Deci-bell monsters: Blue whales are loud. Well, with great size comes a  great responsibility to make some noise. Their 'voices' can go upto 188 decibels, and can travel 1,600 km just like that!
Despite being this majestic, the blue whale is highly endangered. The blues of the blue whale should be of great concern to us, as their numbers are dwindling at such a rapid rate. Hopefully, we will wake up before the species is completely wiped off the earth's surface.

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