The Almost-Immortals: Oldest Living Things on Earth

June 11, 2018
If you are really afraid of growing old, then this article is not for you. Just kidding. Here are some oldest living things on earth, which will make you feel young again, whether you're eighteen or eighty!

1) The Great Basin Bristlecone Pine: The grove which houses this elderly pine is named 'Forests of Ancients'. It sounds like some enchanted place from the Lord of the Rings series, rather than a grove tucked away somewhere amongst the White Mountains of California. The age of this non-clonal tree (they do not reproduce asexually) was confirmed to be 5,060 in 2012! Now that would make this tree a witness to the remarkable transitions of the humankind itself! Although it is known to be located in those Californian mountains, the exact location is kept a secret from the public. The picture below is just an ordinary pine, ‘cause the origin is kept secret, remember?

2) Old-Tjikko: Well, Old Tjikko, is really, really old, and the name is just perfect! This Norwegian Spruce, which was discovered in 2004 by Professor Leif Kullman in Sweden, is around 9,560 years old! But unlike our pine tree from California, this spruce is clonal, and the the tree which is visible, is relatively young, when compared to its ancient root.

3) Trembling Giants or Pando: If you think Old-Tjikko is the undisputed winner, you cannot be more wrong. This clonal colony of quaking aspens, in Utah's Fishlake National Forest, is clearly more than 80,000 years old! The name of the colony, which covers 106 acres, translates to 'I spread' (Pando). Literally.

4) Posidonia Oceania Seagrass: Now this patch of seagrass is extremely special, and you must have already guessed the reason as to why. Also known as Neptune grass, this species is estimated to be around 200,000 years old! That's insane! A Mediterranean native, this patch of grass stretches 2000 miles. Now that's called exercising seniority like boss. A very old boss.

If you feel you are getting too old for this world, or have the urge to hide your real age on Facebook, or if you're a botox loving monster, just keep calm and go through the list. You can thank me later.

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