Serial Killers You Wouldn't Want To Meet

June 21, 2018
If you love watching crime shows with their nefarious plots, or read about serial killers and the blood-curling crime scene, then this is the right place to come to. A quiet summer evening, dim candlelight, a cosy bed and serial killers (not inside your house, of course) - that's the idea of a perfect weekend. Here are some of them, now you can bask in this delight so sinister!

1) Gary Leon Ridgway 

Gary had a type. Gary had a mission. Gary liked to kill. Don't be like Gary, for he strangled around 48 women (but 90 in total, ir even more), mostly prostitutes, and dumped their naked bodies near the Green River in Washington. The killings occurred between 1982-83, and even after numerous attempts by the 'Green River Task Force', it took almost 20 years to finally nab our killer. What's interesting is that in 1982, he passed the polygraph test, but his DNA samples were kept, and which when finally matched with the killer's in 2001, led to his arrest. The 'Greenriver Killer' (as he is called), now languishes in the Washington State Penitentiary, with no hope of parole (thank goodness!).

2) Ted Bundy: 

Bundy had a promising career in law, plus a charismatic personality, and a face which could have been on several magazine covers, but he loved to murder young women. He would lure his victims to his Volkswagen Beetle, then hit them on their heads, then raped and killed them. Or killed and rape them. Sadistic enough to work both ways. Washington, Utah, Colorado, Florida, Bundy easily operated there, before finally being caught and sentenced to death in 1989. He killed many, although confessed to only 30 murders. What most people do not know is that, Bundy's insights helped in eventually nabbing the Green River Killer.

3) Edward Theodore Gein:

Ed Gein made a shrine out of dead skin, skulls, and other body parts of corpses, and it was only discovered after his premises were searched for the missing Bernice Worden, whom he had killed with a .22 calibre rifle. The news of his shrine, Bernice, and his arrest on 16 November, 1957 created ripples around Plainfield, Wisconsin, as well as the entire nation, as he was christened 'The Plainfield Ghoul'. He was tried after almost 10 years, as he had pleaded insane, but he died on 26 July, 1984, after heart failure. He was still living in the Mendota State Hospital, Madison at the time of his death. 

4) Belle Gunness:

'Come prepared to stay forever'. Upon receiving this letter, Andrew Helgelien went to start a life with Belle in January, 1908, but he never returned. When Belle's farm burned down and a headless corpse of a woman with her children were found, Andrew's brother Asle came and expressed his suspicions about Belle's actions. And then things began to fall in place as corpse after corpse was discovered buried in the Gunness farm. Not only this,  her first husband Mads Sorenson died under mysterious circumstances, and so did her second husband, Peter Gunness, and while doctors said something about strychnine poisoning, the weeping widow managed to get away both times. When she finally settled on that farm at La Porte, the murders continued. And while the investigation concluded that the headless woman was Belle, her farmhand, Ray Lamphere made a deathbed confession about bringing a lookalike of her, whom she beheaded. Esther Carlson, a Los Angeles inhabitant, died during her trial. She had poisoned a man for money. The simple connection here is that Esther might have been Belle herself! Lady Bluebeard or Hell's Belle, by whatever name she was called, Belle continues baffle us with her gory saga.

5) Albert Fish:

The crimes of the elderly Albert Fish includes rape and cannibalism. At a first glance, or even a second, or third, the complex madness of this ghoulish murderer was impossible to decipher. He killed kids, mostly, and the one murder which lead to his arrest was of Grace Budd's. While Fish previously intended to kill her elder brother, after visiting their family, he developed an intense urge to kill her, and on the pretext of taking her to his niece's party, killed her. And that was not all, a letter with vivid descriptions of the heinous murder was sent to the Budd family, where he told them how it took 9 straight days to eat her. He was caught shortly after that, where he confessed to two more murders, and at the end of his trial which lasted for 10 days, he was sentenced to death. Fish died on 16th January, 1936, but the horror that he unleashed, will live on.

The horrific nature of these crimes are unimaginable. And the way in which they evaded detection, or their arrests and subsequent confessions are spine chilling. So, you know what to do if you ever run into a serial killer, right?

Post Written by - Lopamudra

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