Bigfoot Sightings - Chasing Those Big Feet.

June 18, 2018
What are Bigfoots? Bigfoots or sasquatchs are apes on steroids. Just kidding. So, bigfoots are supposedly enormous looking, ape-like creatures, rumoured to be around 6-9 feet tall, pretty muscular, despite not having a gym membership, and they tend to be very hairy, and they come in shades like black, dark brown, and dark reddish. And they walk like humans, although their footprints are very, very large. 24 inches long, and 8 inches wide. So, they have really big feet!

Where are they found? : Wilderness. Oh, geographic location? Pacific Northwest. Or simply put, mostly around Washington State and British Columbia.

Bigfoot sightings:

In 2011, Robin Lynne-Pfeifer, a Michigan woman stated that she took care of her 10 bigfoot friends. Well, while she hasn't provided any evidence to back up her claims, let's give her the benefit of doubt, shall we?

Again, Melba S. Ketchum, and her team of scientists, claimed to have sequenced the DNA of bigfoots back in November 2012. While a noted anthropologist called her out and bluntly stated he was not 'impressed', this news seems to have created a lot of traction back then.
Unidentified Animal looking alike Bigfoot - 2007 sightings.

Recent sightings includes one from 2015, in Texas, Lee County, where a retired crime analyst offered detailed reports on her interaction with the bigfoot family, and how she would leave 'gifts' out for them, like bread or nuts. Although her interactions stopped after 2016, her accounts were backed by her family, which included her father, and a brother. The incident was reported to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, which was founded in 1995, and they described the sighting as Class A, meaning a very credible account which involved clear sighting. The latest incident which was described in their website dates to April 2018, which was termed a class B sighting, due to lack of a close interaction. It took place in Missouri, and broken trees and possible prints were found.

Are they real? The Jacko affair of 1884 was disastrous. The bigfoot was never found, and there is a reason why it is still considered a phenomenal hoax. We also have Rick Dyer, who reportedly fooled people twice, the second time in 2014 when he promised them a bigfoot tour, but the body was later discovered to be fake. Also, there are no lack of people who have called out the 'ridiculousness' of the BFRO, with some even asking them to change their methods. But that's a story for another day, right? And next time you hear something outside your window, make sure to record everything!

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