Bermuda Triangle Mystery

June 16, 2018
It's not a new thing.  It's among the usual cliché mysteries that has remained unsolved.

Bermuda Triangle is a 500,000 square mile area between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Hundreds of boats, ships, planes have vanished since 1918, probably even more older than that. People have speculated  that there's some paranormal activity that goes in there. None have been able to explain what goes in that 'triangle' that makes the mystery ever unsolvable. An incident reports that a plane that flew in a perfect weather condition was being caught in an 'electronic fog'.  It was as though the fog went with the plane instead  of the plane going through the fog.

Could these factors come into play?

Methane Gas

Methane is a natural gas that is less denser than water. If Methane Effluvium bubbles up from the deep there's a high possibility that your boat can sink. But even though there aren't any incidents that occurred.

Rouge Waves

Big gigantic waves do destroy many ships and boats. Let's just not assume they only happen in Bermuda Triangle but all over the world.


Piracy does happen in many parts of the world.  Wouldn't it be safe for pirates to operate from a place where all the blame can be put under 'mysterious' or 'paranormal' activity? 

Magnetic Anomalies

Pilots and sailors have experienced malfunctions in their instrumentations when they near the area. True North only exists within a small swath of the earth. These anomalies happens all over the world and not only in Bermuda Triangle.

Giant Structures in the Sea

Some explorers admit there is a pyramid like shaped structure that might be responsible for the crashing of ships and aircrafts. 


Some say this might be also an aliens center place to travel to and from our planet. For this reason they might capture people, ships and aircrafts to conduct research.

No one is able to come up with a compelling answer to this mystery. I guess none can. Some things will remain unanswered. 

Post Written by -  Adap Immanuel Teron

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